How Carbs Help You To Lose Weight?

foods rich in carbsHello everyone, Today I am going to talk about one of the hottest topics in weight loss and health forums – CARBS.

When it comes to carbs then different people have different opinions. Many people keep on asking, again and again, Are carbs fattening? Are low carbs diet better than high carbs diet? Does glycemic index really important? What carbs are best? Do carbs help in weight loss? Do carbs increase blood sugar sharply?

It’s really complicated to answer these questions because there are many studies and some of these studies are sponsored by the drug industry and it is difficult to trust them.

However, if you want to find the real truth about carbs then stay with me because in this post I am going to tell you how carbs can help you in losing weight.

How do Carbs help In Weight Loss?

To understand how carbs help in weight loss it is important for you to first understand how they work and how they affect your body and fat storage. Here is how they work:

When you consume carbs two processes take place at the exact same time:

First Process

Second Process

1a: The blood sugar (also known as blood glucose) increases at a certain level depending on the type of carbs you were taken in your previous meal.1b: Your body start using carbs depending on its needs. As an example, your body breaks down a lot of carbs when energy levels are low after the exercise.
2a: To level the blood sugar in the body, pancreas start releasing insulin hormone in the body2b: Carbs that are not immediately used by body is converted into special form called ‘glycogen’ which can be used immediately
3a: The main role of insulin is to prevent a process called ‘famine’ (which define as an extreme shortage of food). This is why insulin increases hunger and food cravings.3c: Body have a limited amount of glycogen level and once it is full then remaining amount of carbs stored as a body fat.

The Alarming Condition – Insulin Resistance:


Now these days almost everyone is familiar with Insulin Resistance. But for those who don’t know Insulin Resistance is a condition in which body stores less amount of carbs into glycogen and the remaining amount of carbs are stored as fat.

This inability to lower blood sugar in the body leads to type 2 diabetes. Almost everyone who has fat in his body is somehow having high sugar level in the body. To avoid this condition, you have to select the high quality of carbs and consume them at the right amount and at the right time.

Are All Carbs Bad For Health?

This is the biggest misconception in weight loss industry. Most people think if carbs increase the sugar level in the body then why we can’t cut off all carbs from our diet.

The answer is not all carbs are fattening. There are numerous benefits of carbs and the whole book can be written on its benefits. Just keep one thing in your mind and that is you can’t completely avoid carbs from your diet.

Carbs are divided into two different categories and they both affect blood sugar in different ways. Here are two different types of carbs:

Simple Carbs:

Simple carbs are sugars as they made up of one or two sugar modules. They are quick sources of energy as they digested immediately by the body and increases blood sugar sharply.

Some sources of simple carbs are: fruit juices, honey, candy, soft drinks, maple syrup etc. Additionally, simple carbs found in some fruits as fructose and in dairy products as lactose.

Complex Carbs:

Complex carbs are made up of multiple sugar modules that combined together in the form of a chain. They are rich in fiber thus, they are satisfying and improves health. It takes longer for the body to digest complex carbs that’s why they don’t raise blood sugar quickly.

Some sources of complex carbs are vegetables, whole grain (food made from them such as whole-grain bread, pasta and oatmeal) and beans.

Two Important Points About Simple Carbs:

Since simple carbs raise blood sugar quickly as compared to complex carbs that’s why we can’t argue that they are more fattening

You can’t simply avoid all form of simple carbs because they are a great source of quick energy which is essential after an exercise session.

What is Glycemic Index?

glycemic index

In simple words, it is a system that ranks foods from 1 to 100 on their effects on blood sugar level. The lower the number, the less effect it creates on blood sugar.

  • Foods that rank Less than 55 is placed in Low Category (means GOOD)
  • Foods that rank between 56-69 is placed in Medium Category (means NORMAL)
  • Foods that rank 70 or above is placed in High Category (means BAD)

For example, Coco Pops® have a glycemic index of 77 (High) and Oatmeal has a glycemic index of 55 (Low) means that Coco Pops® has a higher effect on blood sugar and ultimately they have higher chances of storing as fat as compared to oatmeal.

Is Glycemic Index Reliable?

Some doctors and diabetic patients use Glycemic index very commonly to create a diabetic plan but some think Glycemic Index is not reliable for different reasons. I personally don’t think glycemic index is reliable for few reasons.

  • The GI of certain foods varies depending on the preparation method. For example, the longer you cook pasta the higher their glycemic index will become.
  • There are many other factors comes into play when it comes to food digestion like how much you have eaten, when you have eaten and the time you have eaten. Additionally, health conditions like diabetes can also affect the process of food digestion.
  • Normally packed foods don’t contain GI index and that’s the reason it is different to estimate their GI index.


In the end, I would like to say not all carbs are fattening but it is not the great idea to select carbs on their GI index. However, if you like to use carbs then you have to select the high quality of carbs and eat them at the right time.

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